Text LCD -- Homebrew Code

Here's an alternative approach to driving a text type LCD with homebrew code. In the previous exercise, we saw how to use PMP's built-in unit which has the advantage of operating at a higher level. That is, you can use many of the Pascal printing commands, data types and formatting controls that you already know. The disadvantage lies in the amount of program space consumed.

But in this new tack, everything is accessible at a lower (and more powerful) level. Even better is that the code decreases in size dramatically, by a factor of two or three.

The circuit arrangement is the same as before:

Be sure to study the source code carefully. I've commented the hell out of it for your learning experience. You'll note that every LCD command is available, things like scrolling, blinking, cursor control, print direction, etc. The program demonstrates all of these.

Click to get the source code.
Click to get the schematic PDF.

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